Parade Hosts/History



Host Companies

2036 Newton
2033 Vernon
2031 Sussex
2030 Branchville
2028 Sandyston
2027 Franklin
2026 Sussex
2025 Montague Township
2024 Hampton Township
2023 Hopatcong
2022 Franklin
2021 Sussex
2020 Hamburg (canceled)
2019 Franklin
2018 Ogdensburg
2017 Newton
2016 Sussex
2015 Hopatcong
2014 Hampton Township
2013 Franklin
2012 Ogdensburg
2011 Franklin
2010 Branchville
2009 Hamburg
2008 Ogdensburg
2007 Sussex
2006 Newton
2005 Hardyston Township
2004 Branchville
2003 Franklin
2002 Hopatcong
2001 Ogdensburg
2000 Newton
1999 Franklin
1998 Newton
1997 Vernon Twp. Assn.
1996 Sussex
1995 Branchville
1994 Franklin
1993 Sparta
1992 Newton
1991 Sussex
1990 Hopatcong
1989 Hamburg
1988 Ogdensburg
1987 Lafayette
1986 Franklin
1985 Branchville
1984 Hardyston Township
1983 Sparta
1982 Franklin
1981 Sussex
1980 Hardyston Township
1979 Newton
1978 Ogdensburg
1977 Hamburg
1976 Franklin
1975 Branchville
1974 Newton
1973 Sparta
1972 Vernon Twp. Assn.
1971 Sussex
1970 Hopatcong
1969 Franklin
1968 Ogdensburg
1967 Hamburg
1966 Sussex
1965 Branchville
1964 Ogdensburg
1963 Franklin
1962 Stanhope
1961 Sparta
1960 Sussex
1959 Hamburg
1958 Franklin
1957 Ogdensburg
1956 Newton
1955 Branchville
1954 Sparta
1953 Stanhope
1952 Newton
1951 Ogdensburg
1950 Franklin
1949 Hamburg
1948 Branchville
1947 Newton
1946 Sparta
1945 * War Years - No Parade
1944 *War Years - No Parade
1943 *War Years - No Parade
1942 Sparta
1941 Stanhope
1940 Stanhope
1939 Ogdensburg
1938 Franklin
1937 Andover Borough
1936 Branchville
1935 Hamburg
1934 Newton
1933 Sparta
1932 Stanhope
1931 Sussex
1930 Ogdensburg
1929 Franklin
1928 Newton
1927 Branchville
1926 Newton
1925 Hamburg
1924 Sussex
1923 Ogdensburg
1922 Franklin
1921 Newton
1920 Hamburg











The parade is officially designated as the “SUSSEX COUNTY FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION INSPECTION DAY AND PARADE”, and all trophies and awards shall bear this standard inscription, henceforth.

There shall be no display of any political affiliation and/or political activity of any type permitted by any fire department, organization or invited guest(s) participating in the Sussex County Firemen's Association Inspection Day and Parade.




  1. Parade will start at 1:00 p.m. on the 1st Saturday in October. 


  1. Only Sussex County Parade Rules shall apply to judging.  The rules shall be given to the Judging Association prior to the parade for their review.


  1. The Host Company must maintain an active emergency communication on a frequency to be determined prior to the day of the parade.


  1. All companies shall provide parade response to the Host Company no later than August 1st.  This will include what apparatus will be judged and department information.  If the response paperwork is not received by August 1st, the entire unit (company) will NOT be judged – including marching and apparatus.  The only exception to this rule would be if there was a problem with the apparatus that was previously registered to be judged.


  1. The Host Company shall send rules and regulations of parade and hose laying to each participating fire company each year.  This should also include the parade date and location of the reviewing stand.  This is to be done before May 1st.


  1. The Host Company shall ensure that the M.C. for the day is aware of the fact that the term “LADIES” is no longer used to describe the Auxiliaries of the Fire Department’s, because now many Auxiliaries are made up of both women and men,  and that they shall be announced as “(Name of Department) Fire Department Auxiliary”.


  1. The Host Company shall insure that the awards to be given out to the Fire Department Auxiliaries reflect the term and are titled “FIRE DEPARTMENT AUXILIARY”.


  1. The line-of-march order will be picked at the May meeting of the County Association.


  1. Floats, horses and other entries not pertaining to fire department will be allowed at the rear of the parade only.


  1. The County Association Treasurer will supply the Host Company with department size.  This will be in accordance with regulations pertaining to department size as follows:

1 – 24     Small

25 – 38  Medium

39 or more members large


  1. The Host Company should receive the monies from the County Association for the parade by August 1st of each year. This money should consist of the uniform allotment along with the County Association assessment fee to help pay for parade costs.


  1. In the event that a regularly scheduled parade is canceled because of inclement weather, etc., the parade chairman or person responsible for the parade, must notify the County Association President no later than 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the parade date.  The rain date shall be the Sunday immediately following the regular date of the parade, and this date shall be so advertised on all posters, in all mailings, and all other means of advertising used by the Host Company in publicizing the parade.


  1. Feeding of the bands shall be at the Host Company’s discretion.


  1. Beer will be served in mugs only sold by the Host Company.  Cups may be made available at no charge to marchers at the Host Company’s discretion.


  1. The Line of March for all dignitaries shall be as follows: Grand Marshals; Fire Officers – local, county, state; Politicians – local, county, state; fire departments, etc.



Section II:  PRIZES


  1. Trophies should be awarded no later than one (1) hour after completion of hose laying.


  1. All trophy sizes will be determined by the Host Company.    All first place trophies or awards shall be the same size.  All second place trophies shall be of like size. 


  1. Prizes are limited to members of the County Association and shall be awarded as follows:


1st place Best Appearing Company (to be determined based on fire department marching unit only, not to include color guard or apparatus judging)

                Large, Medium, Small

2nd place Best Appearing Company (to be determined based on fire department marching unit only, not to include color guard or apparatus judging)

                Large, Medium, Small

Hose Laying Traveling Cup

1st Place – Hose Laying

2nd Place – Hose Laying

1st Place – Ladies Hose Laying

2nd Place – Ladies Hose Laying

Best Appearing Engine – 1 Year through 6 years

                1st and 2nd Place

Best Appearing Engine – 7 years through 14 years

                1st and 2nd Place

Best Appearing Engine – 15 years through 20 years

1st and 2nd Place

Best Appearing Engine – 21 years and over

                1st and 2nd Place

Best Appearing Tanker (tanker shall carry no less than 1,500 gallons and may or may not have a pump)

                1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place

Best Appearing Aerial Apparatus (ladder, tower ladder, snorkel, telesquirt, snozzle, or articulated boom)

                1stand 2nd Place

Best Appearing Rescue Unit (with or without pump, must have extrication equipment and cribbing)

                1st and 2nd Place

Best Appearing Original Condition Motorized Antique in or Out-of-County (Antique apparatus must be out of service Non-refurbished and at least 25 years old)

1st Place (2nd Place at option of Host Company)

Best Appearing Refurbished Motorized Antique In or Out-of-County (Antique apparatus must be out of service and at least 25 years old)

                             1st Place (2nd Place at option of Host Company)

Best Appearing Hand or Horse Drawn Antique In or Out-of-County

                1stPlace (2nd Place at option of Host Company)

Best Appearing In-County Fire Auxiliary

               2nd, 3rd, and 4th Place

Best Appearing Overall In-County Fire Auxiliary

                (Trophy paid for by NJ State Fire Auxiliary Association or donated)

Best Appearing Jr. Fire Fighters unit

               1st Place (2nd Place at option of Host Company)


Best Appearing Overall Trophy – Given at Option of Host Company (Points of judging for awarding Best Appearing Overall are Total Points Marching and Apparatus.  Hose laying time will be the tie breaker.


Fire Department Color Guard – Given at option of Host Company.  The Fire Department Color Guard must be members of the Fire Department they are marching with and in uniform of the day of that Department.  Junior members may be included.

                1st and 2nd Place

Best Appearing Ambulance -- Given at option of Host Company.  To be in accordance with apparatus judging; the ambulance must be in service 1 year to be eligible for judging.

               1st and 2nd Place  

Boy Scout or Girl Scout Color Guard marching for a Fire Department - given at option of Host Company.  Scouts must be between the ages of ten (10) and eighteen (18) year old.  All must be uniformly dressed.  Departments using Scouts as their Color Guard must inform the Host Company no later than August 1st so that a trophy may be purchased.  A minimum of two (2) Scout units marching are required to be judged for awards.  They will not be included in the department judging score and will be considered in a class of their own.

  1. Hose Laying Traveling Cup to be purchased by Department that retires trophy.


  1. All trophy donors must be read regardless of whether the trophy is awarded or not.


  1. Any additional prizes not listed on the approved In-County prize list for County units or other units shall be optional. 




  1. It shall the responsibility of the Host Company to secure all judges.


  1.  Any judge or judges having current active membership or past membership in a fire department within Sussex County that is a member of this Association,  shall not be eligible to judge any inspections or parades of this County Association.  It shall be the responsibility of the Host Company to review the judging association they secure to ensure these requirements are met.  This rule shall also apply to any judge that may hold an elected political position within Sussex County.


  1. Apparatus Judging Sheets and Ambulance Judging Sheets shall be supplied by the County Association to be used by the secured judges for apparatus judging.  The supplied sheets will be a two (2) part form so a copy can be given to the host company on the day of the parade.


  1. All other judging sheets, stop watches, etc.; needed for the parade events shall be the responsibility of the Host Company.


  1. Judges may perform their duties from any position in the line of March.


  1. No participating unit will dispense or throw candy or any other objects to parade observers or they will be automatically disqualified from all awards.


  1. Use of sirens or air horns, when witnessed by the judges, will result in automatically disqualifying that department from any awards.  Use of sirens shall be for emergency purposes only.  The department or company found in violation shall be notified as soon as possible by the witnessing judge or parade chairman.


  1. POINTS TO BE CONSIDERED IN JUDGING:  Uniformity of dress; unit must be uniform within itself.  Gold or silver recommended by rank, but no point deduction for this.  Buttons buttoned; neat, pressed, clean uniforms, without flowers attached to uniform.  Badges must pertain to the fire service, but number worn is optional.  Gloves, if worn, must be white.  Drivers of any apparatus or vehicle shall not wear gloves.  Wearing of gloves by any driver shall result in a 10-point penalty to the Departments score.  Black tied shoes.  Socks and ties shall be black.    No point deduction for earrings.  Sun glasses must be of prescription lenses.


  1. All County Association Member companies shall refrain from drilling in the line-of-march.


  1. All units will establish and maintain a “General Military Attitude” during the parade.


  1. Each department shall march in columns of 3’s, single-arm’s length side to side and front-to-back, OR columns of 2’s, double-arm’s length side to side and front to back.  Alignment distances and spacing, at ease or at rest during parade stops are optional.


  1. The Fire Department Color Guard must be members of the Fire Department they are marching with and in uniform of the day of that Department to be eligible for Fire Department Color Guard trophy.  Junior members may be included. Fire Department Color Guard must have same hat color, gold and silver badge and buttons optional.


  1. Flower carrying by Department:  Number to carry flowers, and who, remains optional.


  1. Department Chief shall lead department. Chaplain placement – optional. There will be No eyes right.  Chief and / or Drillmaster shall salute for company. Drill master(s) – optional.  Make-up of Department is optional.


  1. Complete parade units shall consist of the following:

1.      Band Colors

2.      Band

3.      Military Colors

4.      Department Colors

5.      Chief

6.      Department

7.      Jr. Fire Fighter Colors

8.      Jr. Fire Fighter Capt.

9.      Jr. Fire Fighters

10.   Auxiliary Colors

11.   Auxiliary President

12.   Auxiliary

13.   Chief vehicles and other courtesy vehicles (number of courtesy vehicles must be specified on the parade response form),

14.   Apparatus

15.   If lacking any of the above components, the remainder of the unit will maintain the above order.


  1. There shall be allowed as many fully uniformed firefighters as there are seats in any piece of apparatus appearing in the parade.





               I.     A Class A Pumper shall be defined as one capable of pumping 500 or more GPM.

              II.     Refurbished Apparatus shall follow the same criteria as a new apparatus for judging, and shall be in service for 1

               year after the refurbishment.

            III.     Only one (1) piece of apparatus per Department to be entered in an in-county category. This score to be counted 

    toward an overall trophy.

            IV.     Judged Apparatus must appear in the Parade or the department shall be disqualified from all competition. A fire or mechanical failure will be only excuse for not being in parade.

          V.     All County apparatus to be judged must be registered within one (1) hour after the start of judging. The apparatus judging start/stop time will be determined by the Host Company and all participants will be notified by letter of same. Any apparatus arriving after stop time will not be judged.

         VI.        Once apparatus is registered, it must stay in judging area until judging is complete and apparatus is released from judging area by the judge. The only exception would be if there is an emergency.

       VII.        The number of additional pieces of apparatus that may appear in the parade shall be at the option of the Host Company and must receive permission well in advance of parade.

      VIII.        A maximum of three (3) firefighters in uniform of the day may be with the apparatus while being judged.

        IX.        There will be no judging of apparatus in the line of march.


  1.  Junior Fire Fighters:  To be eligible for an award must be separated from the department by a banner and all Junior’s must be dressed alike; either dressed in the department uniform of the day or the designated Junior Firefighter dress; but all shall be uniform in there unit.  The junior Firefighter marching score shall be separate from the main department and not count against the main department’s marching score.


  1.  All decisions of judges shall be final on the day of the parade.  THERE WILL BE NO GRIEVANCES.


  1.  All Judging sheets shall be given to the Host Company within one week of the parade.


  1. Judging sheets shall be mailed to the association Fire Departments as soon as possible, or handed out at the first County Meeting after the parade.


  1. Host Company shall have a minimum of two (2) members present with Judging Association to verify final parade results prior to trophies being awarded.


  1. There shall be a minimum of two (2) members of the Parade Rules Committee present with the judging association to address any interpretation of the parade rules that may occur.





  1. The Parade Rule Review Committee shall consist of the President of the Sussex County Firemen’s Association and five (5) firefighters appointed by the President of the Sussex County Firemen’s Association at the September meeting beginning 2008, and from here forward.


  1. The Parade Rule Review Committee shall be structured as follows:


1.      The President of the SCFA

2.      A member from the last County Parade

3.      A member from the department  hosting the current parade

4.      A member from the next scheduled parade

5.      Two (2) members at large from the Sussex County Association

6.      If any of the department’s is scheduled to host more than one (1) County Parade within 3 years, another member from the Sussex County Firemen’s Association will be appointed by the Association President.

7.      Any member of this committee may serve as the Chairman

8.      The President of the County Association shall call the first meeting of the Committee.


  1. There will hereby be enacted a moratorium on parade rule revisions and changes for a period of three (3) years beginning in 2008 pursuant to the motion passed at the April 16, 2008 meeting of the Sussex County Firemen’s Association. The only exception to this rule is if any safety issue develops and needs to be addressed, the committee shall convene right away.


  1. Any issues to be addressed regarding parade rules are to be submitted in writing only to the Secretary of the Sussex County Firemen’s Association for review by the Parade Rule Revision Committee.


  1. After approval of these rule changes for 2011, the next rule change will be scheduled for 2014.








(REVISED - 2011)


  1. There shall be a captain’s meeting no less than 15 minutes prior to the start of hose laying to go over the rules and for the host company to address any special circumstances.


  1. Members wishing to run hose laying shall run with the unit that they marched with.


  1. Hose Laying will be run one-half hour following the parade completion unless otherwise approved by the County Association. 


  1. The Host Company may compete with other departments for all hose laying awards including; First place, Second place and Traveling Cup.    


  1. A Hose laying team will consist of eight (8) MEMBERS of a department.


  1. Firefighters can only run with one fire department; no junior firefighters are allowed to run hose.


  1. Hydrant cap will be off and course will be wet before first run.  Wet pavement shall be maintained after every third run.  Ball valve to be installed on hydrant prior to run.


  1. Starting line is 30 feet in back of hydrant.


  1. Hose will be laid with the male threads toward the hydrant; hose will remain flat entire length.


  1. Nozzle and wrench will be laid by hose.


  1. Firefighters connecting hose will each get an end of the hose and reverse same in whatever manner they deem best.


  1. Time will be taken from the starting horn, until target hits the ground.


  1. Target will be located 25 feet from the end of the nozzle.


  1. Target will be on the order of an ice cream sign, easily knocked over.


  1. Target will be located 175 Ft. from hydrant.


  1. Joints may leak, but threads must hold water without breaking until hydrant is shut off.


  1. Member on male connection must maintain control and not leave unattended.  All members will remain at their connections.


  1. Teams will compete in the same order as the line of march.  Department team will be considered to have forfeited if the team does not run in the same order of the line-of-march, unless they have responded to an alarm during their time up.


  1. Starter will use an air horn, not a pistol.  End of each run will be signified by two sounds of the air horn by judge.


  1. Fire Department hose laying will be run with 2.5” hose.  Auxiliary hose laying will be run with 1.75” hose.



Host Company shall not participate in judging decisions.  All determinations will be made by the judging association only and will be final.






(REVISED - 2011)










There will no longer be Small, Medium, or Large categories.  Every Auxiliary will compete against each other.  There will be an Overall, Second, Third, and Fourth place Trophy.  The Best Overall Trophy is normally donated by the State Auxiliary.


Every Auxiliary will be located behind their Fire Departments and MUST be separated by a banner.  Every member of the Auxiliary must be in proper uniform according to their Auxiliaries Uniform code.  This means that every member must be the same (same pants, skirts, shoes, sneakers, socks, stockings, blazers, jackets, shirts, gloves, and hats).  No sunglasses shall be worn unless they are prescription.  The only difference that any member might have, are their service pins.  Every member has different years in their organization and different rankings between the organization, County and/or State.


Each Auxiliary Hose Laying Team will be made up of 8 members both men and women, but the majority of the team must be women. (For example 5 women, and 3 men).  All 8 Team members MUST have participated in the parade WITH the Auxiliary that they are running Hose Laying with.  If any of the Team members did not participate in the parade with the Auxiliary they are running Hose Laying with, that Team will be disqualified.